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Happy 9th Birthday, Annie!

Happy birthday to the sweetest little Annie-Banannie, Annie-Pup, Littlest Orphan around! You have many admirers and we count ourselves lucky to be your biggest. From the moment we first met you in December 2009, we knew we had a special little furry friend on our hands. You have always been an A+ cuddler whether it's with us, cousin Becky, or a host of others.

You've certainly had your good share of mischief and shenanigans in your nine doggle years, but in spite of loud barks, and consumption of items not for your jaws, you've given us nothing but joy and love, only asking for belly rubs, attention, food and water, and our companionship in return.

Although we never roll over or play dead for you, you do have us trained to chase you around the house each morning before we can catch and leash you for our walk, sometimes making Mary run a little late, and sometimes wearing our patience. You've also mastered the art of demanding belly rubs. It's hard to ignore you wh…

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