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Kieran's Baptism!

Last month we had Aline, Alex, Kevin, Kieran, Aline's parents, Nelson and Lydia, and Malu, Aline's sister join us in Claremont for Kieran's baptism on St Patrick's Day. Dad surprised Aline and Alex by flying in from Detroit. Alex captioned all the photos to help accurately describe the fun.
Godfather Nelson held Kieran as he was baptized and I held the special baptismal candle that was lit for baby Kieran. Kieran didn't fuss or cry throughout the hour long service despite the example of some of the other children. He fell asleep after being baptized and when it was time for Deacon Mario to present him to the group he was sound asleep, but as you can see from the below photo he woke right up for Deacon Mario!

Back at the house we invited over some friends with children for a brunch celebration and so that we could do the bolo, a Mexican baptismal tradition of throwing away money to prove your worth as a godparent. Nelson and I threw the money on the patio to the ch…

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