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Rebel, a Special Dachshund and his Family

This past week cousin Meghan had to say goodbye to her 18 year old dachshund, Rebel, who was living out his glory days in the last frontier eating salmon skin, hiking along the Pacific coast, and searching for sun spots to take long naps in.

Rebel was a hearty weiner dog who braved the elements and lived through some long Alaskan winters.

He was beloved by all he met, he was the ultimate lapdog, an intrepid explorer, and a beloved companion.

Rebel was rescued as an eight year old in Denver and never looked back. He spent many days lounging on the lawn and in the laps of his many admirers.

He moved North to Kodiak where he could run along the beach to his heart's content and with Meghan looking after him he was never picked off by a bear or a bald eagle.

If you have a favorite memory of Reb you'd like to share, please feel to share it in the comments section.

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