Annie the Sledding Dog

Annie has been enjoying the Vancouver Olympics at home with Dan and me. Last night she wanted to get back out in the snow (a fresh 8 inches of pow) and try her paw at more winter activities.

She's already proven herself at skating and hockey so we thought she might like to try out luge or "sledding at Slauson Hill".

Dan, Annie Pup and I met up with Megan, Craig, and Brent for some serious night-time sledding. Annie was hesitant to get on a sled with anyone but she loved chasing after the sledders up and down the hill, up and down the hill, she even made new friends running after the local kids racing down the hill.

Dan took Annie down for a ride and let's just say that Annie probably won't be the best Luge teammate . . . so don't expect to see her in Sochi, Russia in 2014. Unless there's an opening on an ice-dancing team for a puppy skating mascot . . .


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