Dog-Friendly Downtown Ann Arbor

Annie loves walking through downtown Ann Arbor. She and Dan walk me to work every morning at Pure Visibility. When we're out on the town we look for places that are dog-friendly and we've found quite a few awesome spots. Dogma and Catmantoo on Fourth Avenue is, of course, extremely welcoming to our four-legged friend. Another spot where we've made friends is the new Pot and Box gardening shop on Felch Street. Megan, Annie and I went for their Grand Opening and were told that the owner, Lisa, has a friendly black lab. Annie looks forward to going back soon! Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' Three Chairs Co and their signature store on Ashley are both pet-friendly. We have fun going in and looking at the beautiful furniture while Annie sniffs around. The best spot we've found so far is the meeting place on Liberty and Fifth Avenue. Not only are pups welcome but they also have free wireless and a comfy space to hang out, read or relax in.

The coolest thing that we've done on walks with Annie is when we go to the parks around the Old West Side. We go to Wurster Park on Madison and if no kids are on the playground then we'll let Annie go on the playground equipment and we'll have her run through it as though it's an obstacle course. It's awesome to see how quickly Annie got over her fear of running across the bridge and up the metal stairs. Dan and I were thrilled when Annie went down the slide. What a brave puppy!


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