Planned Visit with Iggy Pup

On Sunday Annie was lucky enough to have a lunch date with Rebecca and Iggy Pup at Wurster Park. Iggy and Annie are spoiled by living in the same neighborhood as one another. At the park Annie and Iggy chased each other in leaf piles and made friends with other dogs.

We met two nice ladies, Jane and Trista, who were at the park with their nine-month old pup, Pojke. "Pojke" means "good dog" in Swedish. Pojke is a mix; part Australian cattle dog, a herder, he could run and run and run and run. He ran circles around our puppies.

We also met a Law student who had a four month old beagle mix, June. June was quite shy but very adept at hiding under the bench from the bigger dogs. She showed off her newest trick of high-fiving :-).

The dogs enjoyed their time together immensely. Rebecca and I often couldn't tell the puppies apart, especially when they were in their heap of wriggly puppy battle royales!

It was a fun visit for all dogs involved. Annie went home, found a sunny spot on the floor and took a well-deserved nap . . .


  1. Annie is soooooo cute! I am so glad we are now friends.


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