A Weiner Dinner Party

A couple weekends ago Annie was invited to a dinner party with two, count them two, dachshunds! Geyser and Lucius (aka Luc) were the dogs of the house. Geyser, a nine-year old dachshund, had just welcomed Lucius, a two-year old dachshund, into his family. Sadly I brought the malfunctioning camera to the soiree and captured no pictures of the doggie romp. Geyser and Annie played chase around the dining table. All in all it was a good night except for Annie's one small set back (an accident of the #1 variety); guess she just wanted to make sure the weiner boys don't forget her anytime soon.

There's another weiner in Annie's life . . . Rebel her dog-cousin in Alaska. Rebel moved from Colorado to Alaska over a year ago and Annie has heard all sorts of stories of Rebel's adventures and can't wait to meet him!

Just the other day Betsy and I ran into another adorable weiner, Clio. Clio is a miniature dach and is so friendly. :-)


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