Out and about in Williamsburg

Annie is lying on the futon licking her wounds after a devastating loss to the Michigan State Spartans. Besides the depressing Michigan football game Annie was able to enjoy a nice morning walk to historic Colonial Williamsburg. While on our walk Annie became quite upset with me because I didn't have our camera with us. You see, Annie is an extremely big fan of failblog.org and when a man in full colonial garb including a three cornered hat whizzed by on his segway Annie yipped under her breath: "colonial reenactment fail". We shared a good laugh over that one. Other highlights of the walk included hearing General George Washington declare battle against the British - what an exciting day! Lowlights included Annie barking at two Colonial officers on horseback and unsuccessfully chasing a squirrel . . . one of these days she hopes to catch one . . . but until then she's content to dream about catching them in her sleep.


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