Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding watching with Master Mary

Today is a very exciting day for me! As I am half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel this royal wedding is of special interest to me due to my (mixed) royal blood line. I was up promptly at 4:30 am to watch coverage of these fabulous hats, parades, pomp and circumstance. I wonder how many Royal pups have been invited to the affair? I see Elton John and Posh spice in the crowd, but no pooches as of yet . . .

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annie & Thomas Jefferson

One of Annie's favorite people in Williamsburg is Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is an alumni of William and Mary College (for those of you who don't know).
There are a couple statues of TJ in Billyburg that Annie likes to visit on her walks around town. Here she is pictured with Master Dan with a seated TJ in Colonial Williamsburg's Merchant Square. Merchant Square is where we go on Saturdays for the weekly Farmers' Market.

Stuck in Williamsburg Prison

Annie has been locked up in Williamsburg! Her offenses are almost too many to list! There's the constant public urination, barking at bicyclists and probably most egregious was the diamond earring incident . . .

What's that?

You didn't hear about Annie eating my diamond earring? Well, let's just say that we're glad it wasn't my engagement ring and that we searched but never recovered it on the other end . . .

She put in her plea and she has been branded a diamond thief and put in the barracks for public shaming and now she's a free pup again, albeit one who's been labeled a petty thief.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DC Cherry Blossoms

When Dan and I went to DC in late March for his conference and the cherry blossom festival we had to leave Annie at home. But, not to worry, I did make a new canine friend while exploring the capital with Cara and Alyssa. That is FDR's pup at the FDR memorial on the National Mall. We explored the cherry blossoms at the National Cathedral and had a wonderful visit with old friends, Cara and Alyssa.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Master Mary's Birthday in Richmond

For my birthday we had a roller skating party in Newport News on my birthday observed then on my actual birthday Dan, Annie and I went to the big city of Richmond. First we checked out the VMFA sculpture garden. The VMFA was recently renovated and it is a beautiful, free, art museum with wonderful visiting exhibits, like the Musee National Picasso from Paris. Dan and I went to see that exhibit with good friends a couple weekends ago - Annie is not a modern art fan so we left her at home for that trip to Richmond.
After the art museum we went to a fabulous vegetarian bistro, Fresca, where we shared a pizza and sammy and polished off the meal with an Elvis dessert pizza: chocolate, banana, peanut butter pizza - it was divine!
After that we wandered through Richmond's Carytown (that's not Kerrytown for you astute Ann Arbor readers). Carytown is a trendy shopping area on Cary Street near the VCU campus.

Spring in Billyburg

Annie is pictured here with Master Dan and Thomas Jefferson on Duke of Gloucester Street (or D.O.G. street). This is part of Merchant Square in Colonial Williamsburg. DOG street is a mile long - it runs from the edge of campus all the way to the Colonial capital and there are no cars allowed so it is a very pedestrian (and dog) friendly street. On Saturdays there is a farmer's market here that some like to consider more of a dog show. They let Annie enjoy the market even though she's nothing but a lil orphan mutt :-).