Spring in Billyburg

Annie is pictured here with Master Dan and Thomas Jefferson on Duke of Gloucester Street (or D.O.G. street). This is part of Merchant Square in Colonial Williamsburg. DOG street is a mile long - it runs from the edge of campus all the way to the Colonial capital and there are no cars allowed so it is a very pedestrian (and dog) friendly street. On Saturdays there is a farmer's market here that some like to consider more of a dog show. They let Annie enjoy the market even though she's nothing but a lil orphan mutt :-).


  1. awww the littlest orphan!
    Always up to no good...

  2. So jealous of that town. Annie's such a cutie!

  3. Hi Annie, Don't they have any movie theaters in Billyburg for your masters(?) to take you to? We miss your insightful thoughts on the silver screen.

  4. Strange that Annie is writing in the third person??


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