Homeward Bound

Annie was rescued from Homeward Bound rescue on Christmas Eve Eve of 2009. She moved in with Dan and I that night. The next day Dan and I flew to Colorado for Christmas and Annie stayed with my little brother Alex. She was so cute as a puppy.

I took her in to work at Pure Visibility on Christmas Eve to meet the only other employee working that day, Patrick Francis. As I exited the elevator with the pup in my arms Annie mewed at Patrick like a little kitten - it was the most adorable thing ever. Patrick and I joked that Annie was more cat than dog at that point in her little animal life :-).

Annie will be heading back to Ann Arbor on July 15 at 2:30 EST. Dan and I will leave the 'Burg and be "Homeward Bound". We'll listen to a lot of John Denver as we drive through West Virginia heading home on those country roads.

Annie plans to see her brother, Iggy and her old friends at Pure Visibility. Are there any other suggestions for places/people that Annie shouldn't miss while home in A2 for a brief visit?


  1. She should definitely have sangria at Dominicks and a burrito at BTB. :)


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