Out of Town Visitors

We recently had friends visiting from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Annie was excited to see her old Michigan friends. On Sunday she went with us to Colonial Williamsburg in the heat. She witnessed George Washington on horseback inspiring a revolution. Other highlights included fife and drummers and other dogs to sniff.

On Monday she accompanied Matt, Dan and Diana to Jamestown. Although she wasn't allowed in the museum dogs are welcome at Jamestown National Park. It may have been our nation's FIRST English permanent settlement but it's the LAST place you want to miss on the MIDDLE peninsula. Pictured are (l to r) Matt, Pocahontas and Diana at Jamestown. Sorry we don't have any pictures of Annie at the National Park - she was a bit camera shy that day (something about a bad hairday).

Below are Annie and Matt on our futon. Highlights of the trip for Matt and Diana included a Colonial Ghost Tour (we had to leave Annie at home because she's petrified of ghosts) and soft-shell crab at Berret's Seafood (I wanted to bring Annie along but Dan wanted a night out with adults only). Did you know that soft-shell is the blue crab in its molted state? The molting process means an abundant supply of soft crabs from late spring to early fall, with May through September ranking as the most productive months - here in Virginia we're spoiled to be so close to such excellent seafood. I had no idea about soft-shell crabs so thanks to Matt and Diana for educating me about this Chesapeake Bay delicacy! V.v.V

Next time you're in Williamsburg, Virginia please do let us know and I will arrange for Annie to give you a tour of all the local hot-spots. Whether your passion is kayaking, history, food, shopping, ghost tours or playing Clue the card game Annie would love to bark at you when you enter the Livesay premises and then be your best friend about 10 - 20 minutes later. :-)


  1. Yay. So cool to be in the blog! We had so much fun while in Williamsburg with Annie and her owners. They were such good hosts and we miss them lots!!


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