Take your Dog to Work Day

Chasing Bella
Today was "Take your Dog to Work Day" observed at Madigan Pratt & Associates. Mary told me that it was changed it to Take Your Pet to Work Day so that Bella, Catherine's cat could come in to the office too. I was grateful for the change - Bella was great fun to chase around the office. I really wanted to play with Bella but I think Bella was more interested in not playing and looking beautiful. Pictured here I've successfully chased Bella into the boss's office and she's hiding behind his laptop hissing at me. I'm not sure she's used to playing chase at home but I definitely am happy to chase her anytime!
Conference Call

The day started early at 9 am with the humans talking into a technical device to other people who I could hear but not see. Bella got to participate in the call, sitting at the Boss's feet no less! I was an avid observer. Mary got a good shot of me peering into the conference room taking mental notes about business and watching Bella's every move. I think we're gonna be real good friends soon.
Lounging around the MP&A office

To make me more at home Mary brought in my sheepskin rug for me to bed down on. I enjoyed lounging near the MP&A entrance where I could watch the comings and goings of the building. One particular exciting visitor was the water delivery man, Troy. I took my role as guardian of the office very seriously and when Troy came round to replenish our water I told him I was the new guard dog. Troy seemed impressed at first but then bribed me into submission with a peanut butter flavored treat (what can I say, I'm a sucker for peanut butter?!?) I sat, laid and shook for Troy and he gave me a treat. I'd say I got the better end of the deal on that one. I was glad to make another friend.
The MP&A team

Watching Bella
At one point we got everyone together for a MP&A take your pet to work day picture. I was really excited for this picture because it meant that I would get to be near Bella again. Catherine picked up Bella to take her in to the conference room for our team photos so that Bella couldn't run and hide from me. Here's a shot Mary got of Catherine and Bella. I was following them around to make sure they didn't try to hide from me (Bella found a great hiding spot later in the day behind Catherine's computer where I couldn't reach or find her).

Hard at work
Bella's hiding spot
All in all it was a great day at the office. I wrote a blog post and learned so much from Kelly on how to be an awesome office pet. Mary insisted on documenting the day. This photo shows me hard at work at the computer working on my latest blog post and this other shot shows Bella the kitten looking beautiful and hiding from me behind Catherine's computer (can't believe I couldn't find her up there!)

Will you be taking your pet to work with you tomorrow? You should! Please leave me a comment - I love having Mary read my comments to me after I post. Ruff!


  1. Well chased, Annie! Bella was asking for it.

  2. Haha, Annie is amazing! Iggy would have been a lunatic, as he generally is. An office with a CAT!?! Wow, what fun and what a good dog! Too bad every day isn't take your dog to work day =]

  3. Its a good thing the water man knew Orphan's secret handshake. The littlest orphan is ravenous to unwelcomed guests!


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