Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Battlefields

Dan and I spent a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends followed by a fantastic pie party with more friends. We were sitting fat and happy Thanksgiving evening with leftovers in the fridge (including slices of pumpkin, pecan, pear and apple pies). Wowzer! How could we possibly make it up to Annie that she wasn't invited along to these feasts?!?!

We asked Annie how she'd like to spend the rest of the long Thanksgiving weekend and she suggested a trip to Fredericksburg to visit with good friends, the Firsts, and tour the battlefield. Additionally she suggested a walk through the Yorktown battlefield. Sadly we forgot to bring our camera to Fredericksburg so we only captured photos in Yorktown.
Dan and Annie in front of cannon
Annie and Dan at British redoubt 9

Mary and Annie with Chesapeake Bay in background

Yorktown Victory Monument

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sticks and Trees

Annie loves the autumn leaves. One of her favorite trees is the beautiful ginkgo biloba - she once tried to eat a ginkgo seed (perhaps trying to improve her awful short term memory) and spit it out. Apparently those seeds are pretty nasty tasting! There's an especially stunning ginkgo tree that sits in the Bruton Parish cemetary.

In addition to trees Annie also loves sticks, as evidenced by her poem, "An Ode to Sticks and Leaves".

Veteran's Day

On Veterans Day Annie and I were on a walk through Colonial Williamsburg when we spotted a large crowd up ahead of us:

We were both curious what the crowd was looking at so we hustled over and happened upon a most excellent Veterans Day parade led by the Colonial Fife and Drum Corp and following behind were the true heroes, the Veterans of all branches of the military.

As an added bonus Patrick Henry and George Washington made guest appearances and gave riveting speeches - Annie was so taken by part of GW's speech that she chimed in with a couple barks of her own. And that, my friends, I took as a signal that it was time for us to mosey on and continue our walk.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall at William and Mary

Annie and I recently discovered a great new hiking path. It's through the William and Mary woods along Lake Matoaka. The trees have been changing their colors and this hike is a breathtaking walk through the forest. Annie loves this path because it is overrun with squirrels and we even saw a family of deer on our most recent hike!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fossil Beach at York River State Park

Dan is currently in England on a two week long research trip. His days are now cold and dreary but we are still enjoying a beautiful, warm fall here in Virginia - temperatures have been in the sixties and sunny for the past week. So Annie and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather with a trip back to York River State Park. This time we took a hike along the York River and went to the Fossil Beach.

The Fossil Beach is a really cool place where there are a ton of washed up fossilized shells and rocks. We saw some cool fossils and enjoyed being on the water.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exploring Colonial Williamsburg

One of Annie's favorite places to walk is through Colonial Williamsburg and down Duke of Glouscester street which is called DOG street by the locals partially because of the constant stream of dogs that parade down the street which is conveniently closed to car traffic. There aren't cars but there are lots of horses. On a recent walk Annie was watching the horses then decided that if hay was a good food for a horse then maybe she would like it too (she didn't).

Another favorite thing to do on our walks through Colonial Williamsburg is watch the fife and drum corps march through the streets:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Fun

This weekend Annie was looking a little bored:
So Dan and I took her to the York River State Park where we enjoyed the fall colors and had a nice long hike through the woods and along the river.

As an added bonus part of our hike was decorated for a haunted Halloween hayride that would be taking place in the evening. Annie climbed the haunted ship to chase ghosts: