New Year's Day Hike

To celebrate 2012 and the glorious 65 degree weather here in Virginia Dan, Annie and I got in our car, crossed the James River on the Surry Ferry and went to the Chippokes Plantation State Park for a nice long hike. Along our route we passed a farm - Annie always loves sniffing the farm animals. Dan and I spent Christmas in Colorado visiting our families - Ellen and Chris have a great post recounting the action at their house:
Annie and Mary on the ferry

Our ferry, the Surry

Bridge over College Run creek feeding the James River 
Pig roaming free outside the chicken coop



Ram and sheep

Dan and Annie outside the Chippokes Mansion

Horsey decor at the mansion

Mary and Annie in front of elaborate fruit wreath


  1. I hope Annie did not sniff that pig too closely. Will you be watching Michigan today?


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