Becky's Visit!

This past weekend Becky came to Virginia to visit us! Annie and I went to the airport to pick Becky up and I was a little afraid that Annie might not remember Becky but that was just silly. When Annie saw her at the airport she was so excited and rode home in her lap all the way home :-). On the way home from the airport we showed Becky Yorktown. Then we chatted and cooked dinner at home.

The next day the first order of business was going to Busch Gardens! The park opened at 10:00 am so we were there pulling into the parking lot at 10:05! We brought a lunch and had a picnic lunch and rode all the rides twice. It is a very beautiful park but Becky and I agreed that it doesn't compare to Cedar Point! When we got home we were pooped. So Becky and Annie took a little snooze together.

Annie and Becky snuggling for a nap
 Saturday was another gorgeous day so the three of us headed out to the farmer's market where we picked up strawberries, asparagus and goat cheese. Annie and I also gave Becky a tour of the William and Mary campus on our way back from the farmer's market.
Becky & Annie at William and Mary
 After lunch at home we headed off to fun filled afternoon at Colonial Williamsburg. Becky just looooooved all the history and the interesting tours. She especially loved pretending we were in the 1770s at a ball at the Palace.
Becky outside the Bruton Parish

Get us out of here!
Colonial Carriage
Becky enjoying the armory
After an afternoon of touring Colonial Williamsburg we made dinner featuring our farmer's market bounty. Strawberry spinach salad with a little goat cheese, asparagus and more. Becky treated me to drinks at Chownings Tavern where we met a couple ladies from Ohio and played some dice games with them; Ship, Captain, Crew and Buck.
Enjoying a drink at Chowning's Tavern

On Sunday we went up to Richmond to meet up with Becky's friend Magnus. We went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and out to eat in Carytown (not to be confused with Kerrytown for those Ann Arbor readers). All in all it was a fabulous visit and we were so glad to have her come see our little part of the world. It was very hard for Annie (and me) to say goodbye. :-(

Saying Goodbye


  1. What a fun visit this must have been. Wish we could come and tour the area with you - you really know the interesting spots.


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