Birthday Celebration

I was lucky enough to have Becky in town to celebrate my birthday for breakfast at home and a walk with the dog then it was off to the airport for her. When I got back to Williamsburg I joined Sonja, Angie, Shane, Lindsay and Dan for lunch. After lunch we went off to Jamestown settlement to visit the recreated Jamestown fort, wig wams and ships. When Dan and I got home to take Annie for a walk I was surprised to find birthday flowers and balloons in abundance.

Birthday flowers from Mom and Dad
Birthday flowers and balloons from Shane, Angie and Lindsay

Shane and Angie took everyone out for a birthday dinner and after dinner we went back to the hotel for a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake from Sonja. For a post dessert celebration we all went swimming in the hotel pool and a dip in the hot tub. What a great birthday! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and love :-)

Mary, Lindsay & Dan with ice cream cake

Lindsay enjoying the birthday cake


  1. Hurray for birthday cake! Glad you had such a great day

  2. Funnest birthday full of surprises! Glad it was good. Oh PS - Annie looks great in her new harness (previous post). Seems to suit her perfectly. Happy Birthday, Mary.

  3. These cute pictures make me want to reach out for some big hugs!


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