We had a beautiful Easter in Williamsburg. We met up with friends for a potluck picnic (beet & quinoa salad, sandwiches, hummus & cheese and chocolate chip cookies - some with bacon!) at York River State Park then went for a hike to the beach and off on a kayaking trip. Sadly Annie wasn't invited to our potluck but that doesn't mean that she didn't get to enjoy the goodies! While Dan and I were preparing our dinner of carrot soup (courtesy of Kelly's Cookbook) and leftover quinoa salad we left the salad plates unattended on the coffee table and Annie was able to scarf down half a plate of salad before being caught red-pawed - she loves her beets! 

Our niece, Audrey, in Steamboat has begun rolling over:
Since it won't be long before Audrey's tricks far out number Annie's Annie wanted to show off her rolling too:
Isn't Audrey precious?!?!


  1. Great rolls Annie! I should try the hand signals on Audrey

  2. Ps there is nothing following the ":" regarding Audrey

  3. There is a video there of Audrey rolling over. Unfortunately you have to be on a computer rather than an Ipad to see it :-(

  4. can't wait til Audrey and Annie meet up! So adorable!


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