Last Day of Classes

Friday was the last day of classes at William & Mary. Dan taught his final class at William & Mary on Thursday night - the next course he teaches will be at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. We'll be there next week to find a place to live!

Students lovingly refer to the conclusion of classes as Blowout Day and they celebrate quite a bit - not quite as raucously as U of M or CU's undergrads although our neighboring student house was up and at 'em at 7:30 am! A tradition for graduating seniors at William and Mary is to ring the bell of the Sir Christopher Wren Building, the country's oldest active academic building. While Annie and I were enjoying our afternoon walk on campus we strolled through campus to the continuous ringing which translated to happy smiling graduating seniors - what a fun tradition!

Seniors lining up to ring the bell
Another way they commemorate the day is by hosting a big party for the students in the Sunken Garden. Annie loved the shenanigans ranging from a mechanical bull and bouncy castles to a huge rock wall. We passed an adorable 4 year old in tears pleading to his mother "but I wanna go on it too" . . . maybe in another 14 years kiddo! Annie was not allowed in the bouncy castle either.
Festivities in the Sunken Garden


  1. great day- what fun!
    Thanks for including us :)


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