New Harness and Haircut

In the mail today Annie received a new harness from Kevin and Kathleen! We just got back from a walk wearing the new harness and Annie loves it :-). In addition to the gift of a harness from the McGuinnesses Dan and I gave her the present of a new haircut so that she looks dapper for her upcoming visitors. Annie doesn't really like it when we groom her but she tolerates it and when her haircut is finished she usually runs around for a bit like a wild banshee showing off her new do! Below you'll find a couple "before" pictures where Annie was beginning to look a bit scrappy with her long hair and beard and then a few "after" pictures modeling her new haircut and harness. Annie says "Thanks!" to Kevin and Kathleen for this gift.


  1. My, my. Very nice harness - Kathleen always HAS been a dog lover (deep in her heart of hearts!!).


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