Michigan Reunion

This past weekend Cara, Alyssa, and Adam came down from DC to visit Dan, Annie, and me. Cara, Alyssa, and I lived together on the same hall in Betsy Barbour, an all girls dormitory, our freshman year at the University of Michigan so this was some what of a reunion for us. After having a lunch of pesto salad featuring our homegrown basil we took them on a tour of William and Mary's campus and an excursion to Colonial Williamsburg.

Alyssa, Mary and Cara on the Crim Dell Bridge

Adam, Alyssa, Cara and Dan outside Bruton Parish

Alyssa and Cara locked up for scandalous behavior
It was a very hot day in Virginia with temperatures in the mid 90s so we tried on Colonial head wear to shade ourselves from the hot sun.

Mary modeling a Colonial bonnet

Cara styling in her straw sun hat

Dan really wants to buy a three cornered hat before we leave . . .
After our outing we went back to the house and Dan prepared some fresh mojitos starring mint from our prolific herb garden. After snacks of cheese and nuts we dove into dinner and belatedly celebrated the anniversary of Cara's 29th birthday with a peach cobbler highlighting Virginia peaches from our morning trip with Annie to the farmers' market. Following dinner we were all itching for entertainment in the form of Dominoes! A raucous game of Mexican train went well into the night. We all had fun making trains :-)

Cara, Alyssa and Adam with their domino trains
Annie loved Cara, Alyssa and Adam - she even tried to convince them to let her sleep with them on their respective futon and air mattress beds (to no avail).

Annie getting an ear scratch from Adam
On Sunday morning we took the crew to Jamestown where Dan gave a very informative tour of the town and the fort. We also went in the Archaearium, where we observed the many artifacts found in the archeological digs of Jamestown. It was such a great visit - we are going to miss having them so nearby when we move West to Missouri at the end of July.

Alyssa and Adam made fast friends with Pocahontas


  1. Which are you going to miss more, shackling people or introducing them to Pocahantas?

    1. We're going to miss locking people up for their offenses the most although we always impressed people with our friend Pocahontas.

  2. Oh you guys really NEED to stock up on Colonial headgear before you leave. It is probably good you are leaving, because giving informative tours of the Wburg area must be getting OLD! Can't believe your fruits are already ripening. yum yum yum.

  3. Oh yes, I think maybe you should also get a replica of the stocks to take with you. Too many great photo ops. And a gallows would not make such amusing pictures!


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