Scavenger Hunts

This morning as Annie and I were strolling down Jamestown Road to the bustling Farmer's Market we were accosted by a gaggle of teenage girls. "Excuse me" one of the young girls said to me with exuberance. "Yes?" I responded. Then she excitedly explained to me "We're doing a scavenger hunt and we need a picture running with someone else and a dog - can you run with me while they take a pic?" Of course I said yes then Annie, random teenage girl and I went running down the street for their photo op. Afterwards as Annie and I were continuing our walk the next thing I heard them disucssing was "Where should we do our planking?!?" I can only hope that with our help they successfully completed their fun little adventure :-).
Example of Planking
More fun images of planking can be found in this article's album:


  1. Nice. (but what is 'planking' pray tell?)

  2. Planking is an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual place. Both hands must touch the sides of the body. Having a photograph taken of the participant and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game. :-) I will add a photo to the blog as a visual


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