Exploring Springfield

In our neighborhood we have a little cluster of stores in an area called Pickwick Place (named after the street, Pickwick, on which they're located). So a block and a half from our house there is a yoga/massage studio, organic foods market, tea bar & bites restaurant, pizza store, pasta to go shop and an excellent bakery/ice cream shop. We have visited all of these businesses except Zen studio, the yoga/massage center. We will definitely be going back to the Tea Bar & Bites, Elle's Patisserie and the Homegrown Food Market. The first weekend we were in the neighborhood I noticed a sign advertising a beer tasting at the Market on Saturday afternoon so Dan and I ambled over there to check it out. Mother's Brewing Co, a fantastic local brewery, was there sampling their brews. We enjoyed chatting with the young man serving the brews and the feeling must have been mutual because he gave Dan a free t-shirt! 

The next day, with Dan sporting his new threads, we went off to explore the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden located at the Nathanael Greene Park. It was lovely! We bought a bag of fish food for a quarter and created a koi fish and turtle feeding frenzy. We strolled the garden and got our Zen fix in the meditation area.
So Zen

Dan feeding the fish
Feeding Frenzy!

After our stroll through the Japanese Garden (where we did not see a single other person)! We headed over to the Nathaneal Greene Park where we saw lots of people (perhaps because there is a nominal fee at the Japanese Garden) and many butterflies in the butterfly garden. We found sunflowers taller than Dan and beautiful butterflies.

Dan, in his new shirt, with a Sunflower

Gorgeous Monarch


  1. Location, location, location! You two did a great job on your house shopping, and ended up in a cool neighborhood. that sounds so nice. And the Zen garden...flowers taller than DAN ... oh my... lots going on there in MO. (big Muddy...is that the nickname?) (Are you now Muddies, or somethin?)

  2. Sounds like Springfield has lots to like! Glad you are in a neighborhood with such delightful destinations- can't wait to visit!!

    1. We can't wait for you to visit too! We've got the guest room ready :-)


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