Moving In

On July 27th, in 102 degree heat, we did our walk through, closed on our house then, with the help of our friend Ray, unloaded the moving van and started unpacking. After purchasing the home we continued our mission of infusing the local economy. In the span of two weeks we bought a house, a washer & dryer, two beds, a couch & love seat and a dining table & six chairs. Phew! At least we went the bargain route for Dan's spiffy new bike for $40 off craigslist that takes him to work every day. We also hit up a couple antique stores for some fun end tables. We still don't have our couch or curtains so I will wait to post pictures of the our new place until we're done putting on the finishing touches. We do have some pictures on the walls but not all of them . . .

When we arrived for our walk-in the current owners were just finishing up their clean-up/move-out and they introduced us to the pair of nesting love doves on the front porch. We named the pair Ozzie and Harriet and about a week and a half after we moved in we were excited to find these two chickadees had joined the family:

Harriet and her two chicks
The chicks did not wait long before they flew the nest - Harriet is again an empty nester. Apparently love doves will nest in the same spot so we might be stuck with these two for a while :-).

Soon after moving in we discovered that in addition to the beer and leftover pizza the previous owners had left for us they also left us with a broken garbage disposal and mice! Yikes! The former problem was solved by a little elbow grease from Dan (and several trips to Ace Hardware). The latter problem took a little more patience on our part. We dutifully set up traps and put out mouse poison in the basement and coat closet. Getting rid of the vermin was a team effort: on my way up from laundry in the basement one afternoon I spotted one in the dining room so I pointed it out to Annie and told her to "Go get it" and she did! Her (part) ratter breeding came out in her - although as soon as she had pounced on it and killed the helpless thing she went back into typical Annie mode and was all at once shocked and scared by the wee mouse. We were very proud of her and word apparently got around in the mouse community that there was a vicious dog on the premises  because we haven't seen (or seen evidence) of any since her kill :-)

Annie, the mouse hunter, in front of the fireplace


  1. Hoorah for the brave terrier - just like Lady and the Tramp when Tramp showed his skills. Love birds nesting at your new home - what a perfect welcome!

  2. Mary, I just LOVE that Annie toook charge! Nature, selective breeding...all that stuff.

  3. Good job Annie! Wish my lazy herding dog would go after the scary spiders we sometimes find.


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