Moving to Missouri

On July 23, with the help of friends, we packed up our moving truck and on July 24th we hitched the car behind the truck, said goodbye to Williamsburg and drove 9 hours to Columbus, Ohio, our half-way point. In Columbus we stayed with our good friends, Anne, Zack and Maya. We had lots of fun catching up and exploring Columbus with them. When we arrived Anne had cooked up a yummy dinner that we shared then we all went off to the local library where there was an outdoor concert for us to do lots of dancing with Maya! The following day Anne and Maya showed us around German Village and introduced us to the Jeni's Splendid ice cream. Annie was reunited with Coltrane, her pooch pal, who was looking very good. That evening we drove over to Dayton to hang with Alex and Liz over dinner and drinks - we're getting very excited for their upcoming wedding over Labor Day weekend in Portland, Maine.
Maya outside her playhouse
After a day of rest for Dan, our faithful Budget truck driver, we got back on the road to Missouri. After another 6 hours we saw this: 

St Louis Arch
Yay! We were in Missouri, crossing the mighty Mississippi, passing the gateway to the West and only 3 hours from our destination! Dan and I agreed that the last hour of the drive was the longest of the whole trip - it just seemed like we would never get there. I suppose that's because our anticipation was so high at that point. Soon we arrived in Springfield at our trusty Howard Johnson hotel (where Annie was welcome) and collapsed for the evening as we looked forward to the next day's excitement of walk-through, closing and move-in.


  1. Well the drive out was fun-filled! Great picture of the famous arch.

  2. Maya is so grown-up! Fine travelogue - what a long drive!


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