Visiting Ann Arbor

The week before our move from Williamsburg to Springfield I escaped the boxes and tape for a week of fun in Ann Arbor! Unfortunately I was not able to make the Kelly Family Reunion but my siblings and niece all made it out for the trip so I got to see all of them (some more briefly than others) before heading back down to Virginia. As you can tell from my photos below Audrey was the star of the show!

Grandpa's favorite enjoying the patio
We had lots of fun watching her crawl around inside and outside the house. Grandma and Grandpa got lots of cuddles in:

We took Audrey to the popular Plum Market for some shopping where she helped us pick out lots of yummy foods that Ellen could mash up into baby food.

 Audrey met many new friends while in Ann Arbor; Helen, Rob & Ruth Dixon and John & Doris Melvin - she was loved by all! We made sure Audrey was protected from the summer sun and I was on a personal mission to make sure that she received an abundance of bear hugs :-).

Audrey in her high chair on the patio
Ruth was kind enough to loan a stroller, pack and play to us for Audrey's use while in Michigan and she was also very sweet to take us to the Huron Valley Swim Club for a chance to cool off. Ellen and I enjoyed going off the high dive and Audrey seems quite eager to tackle the high dive herself one day in the not so distant future! She's quite the water lover.

Audrey and Ellen enjoying the big pool
Audrey crawling around in the baby pool
My flight out of Detroit coincided with Dan McG, Chris and Alex's flight in to Detroit so I planned to see all of them on Saturday for a brief airport visit. When Dad and I arrived at the airport to pick up the guys we had received the bad news that Alex had missed his connection in Philadelphia so I wouldn't be able to see him at the Detroit airport after all . . . I'd have to see him at the Philadelphia airport  instead! My layover was also in Philly where he was stuck waiting for the next flight, so I had a brief visit with Dan and Chris at the Detroit airport then another visit with Alex in Philly :-).


  1. So adorable! I'm glad you got some family time in this summer. Now I'm waiting for the Springfield updates.

  2. Wonderful to see your pictures - what beauties!!!

  3. ah Mary, I had forgotten to check your blog! What fun to be in on YOUR fun. Now for the Missouri blog to start. Of course, Annie is probably still adjusting, and hasn't much time for blogging nonsense.

    Luv ya.


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