Tomorrow my mom is going in for a stem cell transplant at Karmanos hospital. If you're reading this then you probably already know how awesome my mom is, but if for some sad reason you've never had the privilege of meeting her - she rules! She's amazingly supportive, encouraging, funny, smart and kind. She's the kind of mom that says "Of course" when you ask if you can bring 4 college buddies home with you for a football reunion weekend and then proceeds prepares to host a dinner party for everyone! She's the one who plans beautiful weddings and lovingly welcomes her new son-in-laws into the brood.

In July 2009 she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and with the help of amazing doctors, the support of a loving husband, family and friends she's been battling this cancer. The next step in her journey begins tomorrow when she goes in for her stem cell transplant. In honor of her courage as she undergoes this procedure I decided to cut all my hair off and donate it to Locks of Love.

Before - ready to chop it all off

Goodbye hair!

After - Annie approves of my new do!
Not wanting to be outdone Annie also recently got her hair cut and asked if she could donate it to the Mexican Hairless dogs that she's heard about. She was sad to hear that there wasn't a dog hair donation site so she agreed we should throw it in the backyard instead to let the birds use it to build their nests . .

Annie,the blogging dog, models her new cut

A Mexican Hairless Dog - a unique look


  1. Mary - you look fabulous! I do love you McGuiness girls' super thick, wavy hair, but now someone else will get to enjoy it too.

    Do you have any pictures of your new home? It sounds great from what your mom has said - hope that Dan likes his position.

    Heard that you have a job as well - congrats! Aunt Colleen

  2. Beautiful hair for a beautiful cause in honor of a beautiful mom. Love it, and I'll be thinking of your mom all day today. I hope to hear good news later.

    I echo your aunt--we want pictures of your new house!!

  3. I love your new look! What a lovely gesture to cheer your mom along. I always give my clients a free haircut when they do Locks of Love. Its a wonderful way to help cancer patients....losing hair can be devastating. Hope you all are well and lots of love and prayers to your mom.


  4. Mary, you made me cry at work --- and I am trying SO HARD not to cry today! What a beautiful daughter you are, daughter of a wonderful mom and sister. I am praying all day - this is a day of New Beginnings. (gosh I wish I could write half as well as Annie does - my compliments to her.) Your short hair looks great. I love you, Mary.

    1. Gosh patty, now I'm tearing up too!

  5. Amazing Mary and love the new look :) Hope all is going well for your Mom this week and look forward to meeting this amazing lady some day in the future.

  6. Your new haircut looks great and won't somebody be lucky to wear that beautiful lock you cut off. Your Mom had her hair cut yesterday and now has short curly hair. I do not know how it got so curly. The new hair may different. I' dreaming of straight long blond hair or a red head so there will be no change from her wig look.

  7. Mary you have inherited your mother's beauty of spirit...what a lovely gesture! Loving the new do and Annie has quite a sense of humour! I suspect someone is enjoying a gorgeous new look thanks to your luscious raven locks. We are all praying for you all and your Mom. :) xxx Kristine

  8. What beautiful haircuts for you and Annie! And such wonderful thoughts to share. Love to all the McGuinness family today.


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