Missouri's Great Outdoors

Dan's Mom grew up in nearby Lebanon, Missouri so one weekend Annie, Dan and I took a road trip up to Lebanon's Bennett Spring State Park on the Niangua River. Bennett Spring State Park is a major fishing attraction in the area as it's a trout hatchery and the water is teeming with fish. Annie enjoyed walking along the water and watching the fish swim about.

Mary and Annie on a Hike overlooking Fishermen in the River

Lots of People Fishing!
 Dan's second week at work Drury hosted a kayak outing on the James River (yes - Springfield also has a James River!). We got to go take out some kayaks for a nice long paddle along the river into Lake Springfield for free :-). There are lots of caves in this area and we are looking to exploring some of them when David, Gabrielle, Noah and Sonja come visit next month.
Dan expertly navigates his Kayk

Mary in her Kayak


  1. Looks like FUN!!! And visitors coming!! That will be great :)


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