Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Here in Springfield we're lucky enough to have a Double A ballpark within walking distance of our house. The St Louis Cardinals' Double A Farm Team, The Springfield Cardinals, plays at Hammons Field which is about a 30 minute walk from our house. Since moving here we had hoped to get to a game but we never got around to checking the schedule until a week ago when we discovered that their last home game (a Texas Division Championship game) was the next day. Annie and I took a walk over to the ball park and we bought two Row 1(!) seats in front of third base for Wednesday evening. Tickets were only $8!

Annie claimed she only roots for the Tigers and would have no part in attending a Cardinals game so Dan accompanied me instead. We had a great time at the game - it was a thriller; at the bottom of the 8th with the Cards down 4-0 to the Frisco Rough Riders the home team proceeded to go on a hitting streak, six runs in the inning, and ended up winning 6-4! There were fireworks to celebrate the victory and we were given vouchers for a free ticket to a 2013 season game on our way in.

Dan and Mary in Row 1

There was one player on the Frisco Rough Riders' team that I just had to cheer for; Chris McGuinness:

Chris McGuinness at Hammons Field
 Dan indulged in an ice cream sundae in a mini batting cap (somewhat of a tradition for him). Funny thing was that the cap was an Astros cap (perhaps they ran out of Cards caps earlier in the season?).

Dan enjoying his Ice Cream Sundae


  1. Go Cardinals!! Lemme guess - their color is red?!

    1. You are correct! Your prize is a ticket to a Springfield Cardinals game of your choosing :-)


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