All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween Eve from Annie to you, dear Readers! Here at the Livesay household we just finished off a dinner of chili and corn muffins and we have pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven. You'll have to wait for tomorrow for the big pumpkin carving reveal, but to keep your interest up we'll post some photos of the during carving and pre-Halloween shenanigans with some of our Springfield friends.

Mark Zuckerberg, President Kennedy, President Lincoln, The Childlike Empress, Rizzo & Atreyu

Atreyu & Falkor the Luck Dragon
We met up with our friends on Saturday night at the Farmer's Gastropub and then when out and explored downtown Springfield where the Downtown square was closed to traffic due to the city's huge Halloween Pub Crawl - the costumes we saw were fantastic!

Dead Presidents
People walking by Ray and the baby commented several times that "I'm sure that's not a real baby!" Ha ha - it was and baby Avery was a very good sport.

We even ran into another, shorter, Lincoln. Dan was jealous of other Lincoln's attire and other Lincoln was jealous of Daniel's height!

Lincoln meet Lincoln
We had a nice evening listening to the Halloween Party mix on Pandora and carving pumpkins - Annie especially enjoyed eating rogue pumpkin seeds and bits when we weren't paying attention . . .

Annie wants to know what you, dear Readers, will be doing to celebrate Halloween tomorrow? Will you dress up? Carve pumpkins? Pass out candy?


  1. Oh Dead Presidents - yes that really worked out, Mary. But I especially LOVE The childlike Princess.....Ah, she tilts her head just so! That was one of my (kids') (No...MY) favorite movies! The philosophy of it all -- And even Falcor - WOW. Great costumes. Well here in Indiana I think Halloween is over already, since the city celebrated on Sunday night with trick or treat. Doesn't seem right, does it? But it was fun!

    1. Patty, you mean to tell me that La Porte did it's trick'r'treating on October 27th? That's like opening Christmas presents on December 22nd!

  2. OOPs - Empress! Empress - Do what you dreamed! Do what you dreamed..... ahhhhhhhhhh.................(disappearing, getting weaker.....ahhhh.....)

  3. Big trick or treat scene in Lagrange tonight. I love handing out candy, but Molly objects to so many strangers approaching our house. She will make a nuisance of herself and have to be tied to the dining room table leg so we can answer the door. Katherine and Ellie say they won't trick or treat this year, but since they are disappointed with my candy selection (no chocolate!) they may be forced to hit the streets. They carved 3 pumpkins last night, so I guess we are ready. Happy Halloween!

    1. No chocolate!?!? I hope the candy's not vegan to boot! We had four pumpkins to carve - my wrists got sore from all the scooping!

  4. We got pumpkins carved last night which was a lot of fun. Grace thinks she is too old for trick-or-treating, which may technically be true, but I think she should at least throw on a ghoul costume and get some of the full-sized candy bars our one neighbor gives out! Emily thinks they give out such good candy because their driveway is soooo long that no one bothers to go there. Emily and her friends have a plan to put a stack of different costumes at the beginning of the driveway so they can do quick changes and get even more candy! Happy Halloween!
    Aunt Colleen

    1. What a brilliant plan by Emily and her friends and please tell Grace that you're never too old to dress up!

  5. I put up our plug-in pumpkin last week, lighting it each night for the Melvin's and our enjoyment. Tonight it moves to the front door where Sparky and Chalupa will help Kevin with kiddie control.
    Loved your pictures and the whole party vibe!
    It's very windy and cold here with rain expected - as you perhaps remember?!


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