Architectural Tour of Commercial Street, Spgfd, MO

On Saturday morning Annie and I dragged Dan out of the house before 9 am to go to the C-Street Farmer's Market on Commercial Street. When we arrived there were boy scouts flagging us down with signs advertising their popcorn sale. Of course we bought some of their popping kernels - Annie does love popcorn after all! We also bought two pumpkins for carving and a handmade centerpiece made out of an old reader's digest formed into a pumpkin shape and topped with a twig for a stem and a curled ribbon for aesthetics:
Centerpiece, $5, check!
I can't show you the pumpkins until they've been carved and Dan will only carve his the weekend before Halloween so you'll just have to wait for pics of those (I can tell you that mine is the larger pumpkin with the longer stem).

After our visit to the Farmer's Market we wandered around Commercial Street; a bustling little downtown area with some fantastic architecture and truly wonderful businesses. Beautiful Buildings, paint colors and exterior art work:

 Drury has a Gallery on C-Street:
Drury on C-Street Gallery

El Camino in front of Citizens Building

Adorable sign in Vintage Shop

C-Street Firehouse Gardens

There were some spooky things for sale in some of the stores on C-Street:

The Savoy is a ballroom on C-Street and they had this beautiful poster in their window:

 Sprinfield has a Pizza House too!

Where I will go to get my hair highlighted by Paulette at Alchemy Salon:

Home of the Best Chocolate in the World; Askinosie Chocolate Factory:

A beautiful, colorful fun building housing the GLO Community Center:

Funky sign - may have to take Scion here to get fixed up . . .

Locally Owned and Operated Since 1919


  1. I wish the downtown area in my city was more vibrant and happening ... for a decent sized, capital city, it is really pathetic how lame the downtown is in my city.


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