Bill & Jill's Wedding & Reception

My Aunt Jill and Uncle Bill have been together for twenty years and got married this past Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at The Pleasant Home in Oak Park, Illinois at 5 o'clock in the evening.

Jill looked stunning in her strapless fit and flair dress with a gorgeous lace up back and beautiful white, feathered head piece. Bill was looking very handsome in a traditional tuxedo.

After the ceremony there were cocktails, mingling and a reception line. My date, cousin Jessica Dudar, and I were seated at the Colonial Golf Course table (each table was named after a course Billy & Jilly have played). At the table there was a small bag of retro candies - such as bit-o-honey and next to the guest book there was a bowl of golf balls with the inscription "Billy & Jilly, October 13, 2012" - how cool! Jessica and I were honored to sit inside the house at an adult table while the rest of the cousins were relegated to the kiddie table outside on the front porch :-). I think it's because I was the senior most cousin represented at the wedding. 

Kelly Cousins

Adult Kelly Cousins
Jessica and I had the pleasure of sitting with Nicki, Jill's co-worker and fashion consultant at UIC, her date Michael in addition to Juniper, Jill's niece on her side, and her new husband, Clint from Jackson, Wyoming. Juniper and Clint were recently wed on an island in Jackson Lake - just the two of them! Jessica and Clint had a shared connection as they were both DePauw graduates!

Aunt Patty made a gorgeous wedding cake and adorable golf-course themed groom's cake - this was a surprise to the Bride and Groom.

Golf Course Groom's Cake

Wedding cake - adorned with Roses and Orchids

Cutting the Cake
After the cake was cut there was a toast by their best man and then DANCING!!!

Best Man's Toast
Great Toast!

The band was fantastic and the moves were like Jagger!

At the end of the night after great dancing, wonderful food and a beautiful ceremony it was time to load up the presents and the flowers. Those cousins that were left to help with these tasks had a blast showering Bill & Jill's car with rose petals as they peeled away into the night!

Katherine is wearing my shoes!

Jill in her Get-Away dress surrounded by Family and Flowers
What a night!


  1. What a night! We had such a fun time and it was so great that you made it after all!

    1. I was glad to make it too! So much fun!

  2. great blog- feel like I was there!


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