Happy Halloween

Annie here. Happy Halloween dear readers! I don't understand all the fuss about Halloween - chocolate makes me sick and those sugary fruity candies are nothing compared to sweet, sweet cheese and hot dogs. But alas our neighborhood is a hot bed of trick or treating and the children swarmed upon our house like locusts. Even Tag 5, a website I read, covered the greatness that is Rountree's neighborhood parade and Trick'R'Treating.

To start Halloween right Master Mary made her Grandpa Tom Kelly's buttermilk pancakes for breakfast - they even gave me a bit - best I've ever had! Mary went to work as Governor Reagan and Dan went to work as a Professor as he does everyday ;-). After work we took some photos by our pumpkins and waited for the action to start.

Mary and me with our Pumpkins
Our first house guest was our neighbor friends, Smash the Beagle and his owners. Smash was dressed in a smart sheriff outfit and had his masters, Maggie and Paul, in jailbird costumes. We got to play around in the yard and inside the house for a while.

Maggie, Paul and Smash

Me and Smash waiting for Treats!
 After Smash left we were bombarded with a steady stream of trick or treaters - I was confined to the bedroom with Dan so I am not sure there were any costumes better than Smash's. Around 8:30 we had more neighbors drop by to say hello! Baby Sophie (who adores me) stopped by with her parents, Marlene and John. Sophie turns one this Saturday and she really like watching me run around the house sniffing and sometimes barking at her parents!

Marlene and Sophie
One of my good friends, Liz, texted me a photo of Pumpraham Lincoln - I thought this was pretty well carved (though not quite as cool as my likenesses in pumpkins).

Pumpraham Lincoln
Livesay Jack O Lanterns and Pumppups
Happy Halloween, dear readers. 

PS: What was the best costume you saw today?


  1. Nice pumpkins! I saw an adorable little boy dressed as Johnny Cash. Best costume I've seen in years.

    1. That's so cool! Did he serenade you? I love me some Johnny Cash music - Annie

  2. Would have liked to see that Governor Reagan costume! Reminds me of a time, not so long ago, when I was wondering if I would just rather to leave the country if GR was elected. Hmmmm, deja vue all over again. (but hey, I survived that. Surprise!)


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