Hiking in Arkansas with the Take-A-Hike Group

This past weekend I went on a four hour hike with the Take-A-Hike group of Springfield, MO. This is a great group that Dan and I have gotten to know through their Thursday evening hikes at the Springfield Nature Center. Sadly my camera and my phone both ran out of batteries during the hike so I was only able to take three photos (the first three in this blog) but luckily some other hikers had their cameras, so the rest of the shots are courtesy of Kevin and John.

Watch Your Children!
These two photos are of the Pedestal Rock from below and above, respectively.

Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, Arkansas 

 I didn't know that this trail was dog-friendly, but I'll know for next time and bring Annie (and Dan along). Pictured here is the Take-A-Hike group and Dizzy and Shadow, a doberman mix and black lab, respectively.

Take-A-Hike Crew
When we were moseying down the trail we passed some cowboys wearing hats and real cowboy boots - we thought the boots were a bad choice for the slippery rocks to be hiking in, but when we saw their beautiful horses we realized why they were wearing their boots.

Horses in the Woods
On our drive back to the rendezvous point of Jasper, AR we stopped and looked out over the Arkansas "Grand Canyon" - that is the sporty Mazda I got to ride in :-).



  1. Hey, I might never make it to the Arizona Grand Canyon --- maybe I should add this one to the bucket list? At least it is closer!!

  2. Yes - you should come see! Arkansas and the Buffalo River area, in particular, is stunning!

  3. Mary, looks beautiful. Sunday was such a great day for hiking (we just went down to Lake Springfield). I'd love to know how to get out to this trail :)

  4. Wonderful pictures!! How nice that this is so close to you.


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