Tasting Springfield

Yesterday was the Taste of Springfield. Having been on the other side of a food both at the Taste of Michigan City with the fabulous Kelly's Table I know how hard these food suppliers work and yesterday was a blustery day for them - we were wearing gloves! The vendors were fantastic! It was hosted in the town square and the roads surrounding the square were closed off so that they could feature the bars and restaurants in addition to a great upbeat rock band. We went with our friends; Baby Avery, Ray & Kerry, Elaine & Justin.
Baby Avery sleeping in his Adorable Fox hat

Dan and Ray Buying Taste Fest Tickets
There were plenty of pooches at the Taste Fest but Annie decided to sit this one out as she would be so jealous to not be eating with us!
 The crowd of people was great - very friendly people down here in the Ozarks:

 Mark your calendars for Taste of Springfield 2013!

Our Ticket Stub


  1. Looks like fun! (But not as fun as having y-o-u at our booth for the very first Taste of Michigan city...)

    1. Patty we had so much fun at the Taste of Michigan City - I hope to make it up for another one in the near future!


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