The Great Escape or How to Turn a 2 mile Run into a 4 mile Run

by Annie Livesay

This morning at 8 'o'clock Mary took me for a run South on Fremont East on Meadowmere to Weller  heading North then West on Cherry back to Fremont. We were 4 houses from home when Mary said to me "Okay, Let's go" - this is when she likes to run fast to finish hard. I went so fast I yanked the leash from her hand!


I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran some more. Mary was in hot pursuit but always a little late on my trail. She ran into several people who could only say "We tried to get her, but she was too fast" and then they would point to the direction I headed off to! By the time Mary thought to run back to our house to grab her cell phone (I'm tagged with Mary's cell number and our home address) I had been apprehended by Donna on S. Weller Ave!

What a fun adventure!



  1. Hahaha!! Wow, brother and sister are very alike!I guess we should have suspected trouble when they used to escape Wurster Park to have adventures together.

    Iggy still enjoys a good romp around the neighborhood too. Lately he's taken to climbing trees so he can jump *down* into the neighbor's yard from a high branch -__-

    Glad you caught her, and glad she came home safe! "Terrible" twos almost over!!

    1. Good call on the terrible twos being over Rebecca! I feel like Annie is mellowing out a little bit and she hasn't escaped through the neighborhood again since this little adventure :-).


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