My good friend, Adrienne, adopted Dora this fall out in San Diego. Dora was caged up in a shelter.

How Could Adrienne *not* Rescue this Pup?

Now she's a camping, romping machine. Ade's cat, Tag, has taken kindly to a pup being added to the mix. Tag enjoys chasing around the Klum-Nelson abode with Dora. 

Tag and Dora - photo courtesy of Adrienne

Sometimes we need to be reminded that the best dog toys are not the fancy, expensive ones from PetSmart but just sticks and, in this case, pine cones :-). Annie has yet to meet Dora, but looks forward it!

Dora's Nature Ball
Adrienne, Dora, Tag and John live in San Diego but we met in Ann Arbor where we played volleyball and wore snuggly warm coats.

Mary, Darby and Adrienne at Conor O'Neills in Ann Arbor


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