This past weekend Annie went to the Pet Hotel and Dan and I went to Memphis, Tennessee to visit our friends. Josh, Sara, Samuel and baby Jonah live in Memphis with their two cats Tom and Midnight. Josh and Sara teach at Ole Miss we were also joined in Memphis by Allison who is a professor of history at Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. We arrived on Friday night after dark and were greeted in Memphis on Saturday morning with lots of fun and sun.

On our way to Tennessee Dan and I picked up a helicopter for Samuel. Samuel and I had great fun playing with it in the front yard.

Miss Marvel, Samuel & his Helicopter
After a delicious frittata breakfast Sara, Allie, Dan, Jonah and I headed off to Graceland.

Allison, Me, Jonah and Sara at the Entrance to Graceland
In the parking lot we saw license plates from all over the country and even Canada! Apparently Graceland is a pretty popular tourist destination.

The tour of Graceland is self guided so you can take as much time in his house as you like. Elvis bought the house for $100,000 in 1959 when he was 22 years old. He spent far more than $100,000 decorating the home though! 

Elvis' living room has beautiful peacock stained glass windows. 

Living Room
Graceland's dining room table was mirrored - better to reflect the chandelier!

Dining Room

Family Photo Adorning the Wall
 The basement of Graceland was excellent. The billiards room had a cloth wallpaper on the walls and ceiling - the family room upstairs has carpet on the floor and ceiling to improve acoustics.

Billiards Room
Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, was also his manager and had his own office in the back of the house. This sign adorns the front door of the office:

Elvis added an outbuilding to the house - a racquet ball court. This addition cost twice the cost of his home! This pinball machine and sit up device were in one of the two lounging areas in the racquetball area. The racquetball court has been transformed to a gold record and jumpsuit room.

Elvis' Jumpsuits
Out back in addition to the racquetball court, pool, horse stable, office, play set for kids is a Meditation Garden. This is where Elvis, his twin brother and his parents were buried.

Elvis' Tombstone

The Memorial Fountain and Garden with Tourists
 After hitting up the gift shop we toured Elvis' jets.

The Lisa Maria was massive - it was on this plane that Lisa Marie had a birthday party at 40,000 feet. Once when Elvis realized Lisa Marie had never seen snow they hopped on the plane and flew to Denver to play in the snow.

The Hound Dog II was a smaller plane. This was, at five months, Jonah's first time on a plane!

Mary and Jonah Boarding The Hound Dog II
After Graceland the vegetarians went to a vegetarian restaurant called Imagine and Allison and I went to eat at The Bar-B-Q Shop (Best in Memphis) for a plate of Memphis-style ribs, baked beans, coleslaw and red velvet cake. I didn't eat for the rest of the weekend! ;-)


  1. Wow, your pictures came out so well! Higher quality than the postcards available for sure. I must say, your friends have the most adorable children. I bet Samuel had an awesome time and wants to know when you're coming back!

  2. I wanna go to Graceland!!
    What a fun visit you had :)


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