Annie has asked me to do a series on some of her dear dog friends, so for the next few weeks I will be profiling a few of our favorite canine friends :-).

Soon after bringing Annie home we got a visit and bag of gifts from Gracie, Erika and Tim's pug. Gracie gave Annie several cool and practical doggie gifts which we still use - the best probably being the poop bag dispenser in the shape of a bone that attaches to Annie's leash. Gracie lives in Ann Arbor and Annie and she have had a few play dates in their day. Gracie is a very enthusiastic pup - she loves getting dressed up for Halloween. 

Gracie at Halloween - photo courtesy of Erika
Gracie enjoys tennis balls. Here she can be seen hoarding tennis balls in her doggie bed.

Gracie the Hoarder - courtesy of Erika


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