Hockey, Puppets, Weeding and Planting

Dan and I kicked off the weekend with a trip to the Ice Rink where we watch the Missouri State Ice Bears take on their hockey rivals the St Louis University Billikens. What is a Billiken you ask? Annie had to educate Dan and I on that one. According to the littlest orphan, Annie, a Billiken is a good luck figure who represents "things as they ought to be"

Unfortunately the home team lost on Friday 5-3 despite out shooting the Billikens. We rooted for all the Ice Bears but particularly MacInnis who, as you can see here, was a bit of a trouble maker on the ice.

MacInnis in the Penalty Box
On Saturday I had grand plans to plant bulbs but Annie had other ideas. She thought it would be good to lay on the couch and cheer on the Wolverines against the Hawkeyes - Annie loves her Wolverines. The Wolverines pulled out a big win and the action was a little lopsided causing Annie Pup to take a bit of a break from the action.

Annie Napping in a Cozy Lap
Annie was wiped from all the college football excitement so she begged off our Saturday night activities. We met up with friends downtown for a bite and a drink then went on to the Springfield Contemporary Theatre at the Vandivort Center where we saw Avenue Q, the Tony award-winning Broadway musical. Our friend and neighbor, Maggie Marlin, played the part of two characters; Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. The show was excellent and our sides were aching from laughter!
Post Theatre

 On Sunday despite Annie trying to coerce me into a nap on the couch with her I got out and weeded, dug and planted. We have daffodils, tulips and ranunculus (Dan's favorite flower name) to look forward to in the spring. Our knowledgeable neighbor, Pat, recently gave me a garden tour of our house pointing out invasives and giving names to all our shrubs and ground cover. We successfully cut out a bunch of kudzu and cleaned out our front flower bed of leaves and weeds. Do you have anything you're looking forward to popping this spring?

Something to Look Forward to


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