More (!) Memphis

Smiling Baby Jonah
  On Saturday evening after a delicious vegetarian meal at the Firsts Josh, Dan, Allison and I went out on Beale Street. We met Pete, a dog who rides along in carriage rides with people. Pete is a mutt (just like Annie). We wandered around and watched some of the famous Beale Street gymnasts then went in BB King's Blues Club where we listened to a great band, did some dancing and I ordered a Lucille (that's the name of BB's guitar for those not in the know).

Mary & Josh inside BB King's Blues Club
On Sunday morning after playing helicopters with Dan and Samuel Sara and I hit up the grocery store where we met Gus. I told his owner that he had a good looking dog and he replied "Yup, he takes after me" - ha ha!

Samuel and his Helipad

Gus Licking his Chops while Waiting for his Owner
After a fantastic breakfast we split off into two groups. The ladies and Jonah went to the Brooks Museum of Art and the fellas and Samuel went to the zoo. The museum had a fantastic special exhibit going of Tiffany lamps. We also toured the permanent collection and got to see a lot of terrific pieces. One of my favorites was the Engineer's Dream by Thomas Hart Benton who taught Jackson Pollack. My mother-in-law has met Mr. Benton in Missouri where they're both from. Apparently after Pollack began experimenting with his style that he is famous for Thomas Hart Benton disowned him.
The Engineer's Dream by Thomas Hart Benton

Dutch Renaissance Piece featuring a Little Pup
Samuel enjoying the Zoo


  1. MARY - I have not been keeping up! I think I have missed all of November. Great blogging - and great fun. Gee, I don't have time to read and comment on all this. But nice to see pictures. Say HI to Dan. Gee pictures of him 'studying' - what? I thought professors made OTHER people do their studying!


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