Although Thanksgiving was over two weeks ago I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude because thankfulness never goes out of style. On Friday after Thanksgiving (after pierogi making) my parents treated me to a wonderful concert at the glamorous Fox Theater in Detroit - we saw Chris Isaak!

Kathleen and Kevin Looking Good Pre-Concert
 After the show I was dropped off downtown to see some old friends - I am lucky to have so many old buddies in Michigan always willing to meet up for good times.

Mary and Jeff at Rush Street 
 On Saturday morning my parents and I had an old-fashioned tree-trimming party. My parents and I assembled the tree then Alex, Liz and Becky came over to help decorate the tree with ornaments - what a fun morning!
Dad Putting on the Tip of the Tree 
 My mom was the ornament director and narrator and she put on the last one, the oldest ornament which is a banana from her great-grandmother. Here she is telling the story of the banana ornament.

Mom Telling Everyone the Story of the Banana Ornament
 Becky and I then went off and had a wonderful afternoon snuggling and watching Michigan football. Sadly, Michigan only decided to win the first half so we'll have to wait until next year when OSU comes to Ann Arbor to get another shot at those Buckeyes! On Saturday night Mom, Dad and I had a magnificent meal of crabcakes and as a special dessert treat we enjoyed Bill & Jill's wedding cake (Dad had squirreled a couple large pieces home after the grand affair). What a lovely meal! Followed by a smashing win over USC by the Fightin' Irish.

Dad and Mom Enjoy a Good Luck Smooch pre ND game
 On Sunday Mom and I got up early to go to church at St Thomas then hopped over to Zingerman's Delicatessen where I spent too much money on goodies to bring home to Annie and Dan in Springfield.
Zingermans - Notice the Snow!
 It wouldn't be a trip to St Thomas without a trip to the Washtenaw Dairy afterwards for some donuts.

Mary at the Entrance to Washtenaw Dairy
 After dropping my mom at home and having a quick skype session with my Aunt Wini in England I scurried off to meet up with some dear friends at Sava for a lovely brunch.

Darby, Erika, Adam, Lauren, Kristie and Mary at Sava's
 In short I have much to be appreciative for; my wonderful parents, their generosity and good food, my fabulous friends and their good cheer and love. Tis the season. Spread the love :-)


  1. What a fun whirlwind visit! You make life so special! love you lots

  2. I want to hear the tale of the banana ornament, please!

  3. Tree ornaments in the 1920's were very expensive and delicate. I am careful of this one which survived Christmases with 4 Kelly boys!
    Fresh fruit didn't make it to Chicago in the winter back then so something special for the tree was... a banana! Don't know what became of it but there was also a pickle! funny. My dad was a stickler for hanging tinsel properly: one strand at a time draped over the branches to create the effect of icy winter trees. And in taking down the tree we were supposed to replace that tinsel on the cardboard packaging and save for next year! Never managed to end up with enough because some of the kiddies made tinsel bombs to throw around. Oh what fun!!! Merry Christmas everyone!


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