Garden Update

Another fun perk of having my parents in town was all the gardening tips we got from them while they were here. Mom helped me prune the rosebushes and pick out beautiful hanging flowers for the front garden area. As you may recall in October I planted some bulbs - they came up beautifully as promised:
Dan and Annie in Front of the Japanese Maple and Tulips

Hanging Baskets and Daffodils between Pruned Rose Bushes
Annie was enjoying the flowers so much at our house and around the neighborhood that she begged us to take her to the Nathaniel Greene Botanical gardens so she could see more blossoms. Being the little ham that she is she insisted we take (several) pictures of her among the gorgeous spring colors:


  1. It is fun to see all your flowers- and Dan 'hammy Annie'! They can't help being so photogenic.


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