Out of Town Visitors

This past Friday my parents came to Springfield for a visit! We were so happy to have them and had such fun playing hearts, touring a local brewery, hiking, attending a dance concert, going on a wine tasting, taking trips to the dog park, farmer's market, Branson, and more!

Annie was SO excited when, after some small confusion of our address, my parents arrived at our house. She whimpered and whined when Mom stepped out of the Mazda then continued to run around the house happily wagging her tail and barking the first 5 or so minutes they were here.

Annie and Friends
 One morning Annie even surprised Mom in bed with a sweet little wake up kiss :-).

While we were on our hike at the nature center we saw deer (which is par for the course there) and we also saw three, large, male turkeys and a turkey hen - Dad got so excited he even chased into the woods trying to get a closer view of one.

Dad, Mary, Mom on a Hike
Mom wanted to see Annie in action at the dog park so one, sunny, afternoon off we went to meet up with canine friends. Mom commented that it was just like an amusement park in that your dog is measured to see if they go to the small dog or big dog side.

Annie Goes to the Small Dog Run

Annie is Greeted by some Friends
On my day off we went down to Branson and explored the little city shopping, lunching, watching a water fountain show and tasting Missouri wines. We opted out of a time share tour to score ourselves free show tickets to the Comedy Jamboree. We had lots of fun but let's just say that Missouri isn't exactly renowned for their wines.

Welcome to Branson
Mom and Dad in front of the Dancing Fountains
The wine tasting was hosted by Stone Hill Winery - a winery started by a German family. Mom and Dad got in the spirit of things by putting on some traditional German attire.

Mom and Dad in their German Attire


  1. WOW - we really did have a great time! My head is still spinning (no photo). Hope Harriet and her baby doves are OK after all the crazy stormy weather!

  2. Oh I love this! Great pictures and what fun. I really LOVE that Annie was so thrilled! Kathleen will become a dog lover yet!!

  3. What a fun visit! You sure know how to entertain when people come in from out of town.

  4. Audrey has been saying "Annie, Annie" the whole time we looked at this post!

  5. Oh my gosh! Love the giant toucan with the beer on its beak! Had no idea that Missouri had such wildlife.
    What a nice visit - where was Dan in all the fun? He must have had to take all the pictures, right?

  6. Fun times! Can't wait to visit:)


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