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To celebrate our 5th Anniversary this past April we decided to plant some trees at our house which is appropriate for the fifth anniversary since that is the "wood" anniversary. We went to the nursery and picked out three trees for our garden, stuffed them into our Scion and drove home with our trunk tied down and flags on the tips of our trees. Then we got to work.

Step one: Dig a Hole:

Dan digs a hole for our Cherry Tree while Annie Supervises
Step 2: Water tree and root ball

Step 3: Step Back and admire newly planted tree:

Annie approves of our new Red Elm Tree
Our third, camera shy, tree is an Eastern Redbud tree. Someone who's definitely NOT camera shy is Miss. Annie pictured below in front of our Iris garden out back
Annie posing in front of our Japanese Irises


  1. Happy belated anniversary - I can't believe that it's been 5 years - where does the time go?!

  2. Did Annie DIg that hole for the tree?

  3. Scion - scion - I get it. Thought you were using fruit-tree jargon. You DO know that a scion is a part of a graft for an apple tree, don'tcha? (or something like that) How appropriate that you took your trees home IN a scion. They would feel so loved!


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