Punkin Pickin

Yesterday we met up with friends at the pumpkin patch and picked out some beauties to bring home with us.
Kerry, Ray and Avery contemplating a ginormous pumpkin
 We picked out three perfect pumpkins to bring home and carve. We have a special visitor, Dan McG, coming next weekend so we chose three so we'll each have one to decorate.
Dan showing off our three pumpkins

I didn't even attempt to lift this one!

Mary, Kerry, Olive and Elaine outside the pumpkin patch
 In addition to pumpkin picking we toured the barn, Dan ate a fried snickers bar (delicious) and we adored the baby animals. After that we watched the Michigan - Penn State game drank pumpkin beer and ate pumpkin pie (my grandma's not-so secret recipe). A fun filled pumpkin-y day :-)


  1. What adorable piglets, I see why you adored them. And the pumpkins you picked out are quite beautiful and unique too. I guess it was a great day, all except the football :(

  2. Where is Annie's pumpkin?!? Time for another trip to the pumpkin patch. :)

  3. Fun Fun ---- we might be going to the pumpkin patch with Jacob's 'school' on Friday! Won't that be exciting? Have a nice visit with Dan Mc.


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