(Another) False Alarm

It seems that every time I write about "spring" Mother Nature reads my musings and just laughs:

Annie in the snow yesterday
Brian was in from Denver to visit Springfield for the weekend and before the snow hit we took advantage of good weather by treating him to ice cream outside(!) at Elle's before going on a nice hike at Busiek State Forest.

Brian and Dan enjoying some ice cream at Elle's

Encountered some vibrant crocuses on our walk
On Saturday we had beautiful weather. Heather and I ran the Shamrox 5k together, Heather had a great pace and led the charge finishing in just over 28 minutes and I came in at just under 29 minutes - fastest time I've run in years :-). We celebrated our successful race with a splash of Guinness.

Cheers to a great race
We also went to the St. Patrick's Parade through downtown. The kids had lots of fun catching candy (our group even enjoyed a few pieces of tootsie rolls). We were in front of an Irish Bar to watch the parade - they have quite a large crowd out front as they throw t-shirts and other chachkies out the windows above the bar.

Confetti Shoots out in front of Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub & Restaurant
On Sunday when we had snow all day the boys installed a new exhaust fan in the bathroom and we enjoyed some indoor activities; a trip to Bass Pro Shop headquarters where we enjoyed the aquariums and NRA Museum, a trip to the Springfield Art Museum and an NCAA basketball tourney game where we cheered on Drury to a win over Lake Superior State from floor seats! Drury plays again tomorrow in the Sweet Sixteen where they take on Michigan Tech (how funny that they play two teams from Michigan back-to-back?).

Largest Elk Ever caught!
Dan and Brian joking around at the Art Museum

We Are DU!
All in all it was a wonderful weekend, I should probably wrap this up as it's about time to pull my Irish Soda Bread out of the oven. Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!
Ellen with Julian and Audrey in their green from Aunt Mary


  1. Congrats on a great race!! Speedy lady!

    And those little leprechauns are too cute. Can hardly stand it!

  2. Go Girl -- 28 minutes next year?

  3. Largest elk ever 'caught' ------- with a rifle!


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