Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stupendous Spring Saturday

Yesterday Heather, Craig and I headed to Willard, MO to race in the Frisco Highline 8k. We did extremely well - we all got an 8K personal record! My pace (9:26) was just a hair slower than my Shamrox 5k run but it was a gorgeous day for a race and I went home with a smile on my face.
Pre-Race Selfie with Heather and Craig
For lunch Dan, Annie and I hit up the London Calling Pasty Company where they were having an English style street party to celebrate St. George's day, observed.

Long Line for the Food Truck
In addition to games, raffles, music and food there was also . . . a British car show! The owner of a '69 red roadster MG I was admiring even asked me if I'd like to get in his convertible and I happily did so :-).

Annie & Dan pose in front of their Favourite Automobile

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

I had a wonderful birthday and was showered with love and positive energy from all my peeps. To start off the day I received calls from my parents and my mother-in-law who sang to me and Dan even made me breakfast which we enjoyed on the front porch!

At work Madison gave me a wonderful sea-foam green cupcake transporter, a honey beehive and a fancy "diamond" candle!
Mary and Madison at Work
My boss gifted me with gorgeous peach colored potted begonias.
Peach Begonias from the Boss and Tulips from our Garden
Then as a secretary gift he tried to chop off my head with the guillotine axe we'll be using in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure next week.
Happy Secretary's Day!
After work we gathered with friends at Ophelia's where we enjoyed cocktails, nibbles, champagne cocktails on the house and great company!

My friends at Ophelia's also spoiled me with some of my favorite things; juicy pear jelly bellies, Dicecapades, a sleek new purse and a gorgeous loose-leaf tea cup. :-)

Beautiful Ladies out on the Town
After the party we got home just in time to skype with Alex & Aline (aka AliKev) and the McGrundallnesses who were together in Baja, Mexcio.

At home there were flowers in abundance from Dan and Annie:
Cheerful Pink & Purple Flowers

Blue Hydrangea from Annie that was bigger than her head!

Hydrangeas & Pink Flowers from Dan
Thank you all for the well wishes, cards and love. I am one lucky girl! Xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Anniversary Weekend

Two years ago Becky came to visit Annie in Williamsburg, this past Wednesday she surprised Annie by showing up for a visit to Springfield! Becky brought a very special gift from Ann Arbor; wooden Easter ornaments from my parents. While living in England my parents bought a set of wooden, painted ornaments from Cologne and they have now been passed down to us!

Easter Ornaments Adorn Lilacs
Although Becky's visit was a surprise to Annie, Dan and I had been expecting her. With a scheduled day off the first place I took Beck was to . . .

Becky in front of the Old Stone Chapel at Drury University
On Good Friday we took a stroll to Elle's Patisserie where we chose breakfast pastries to take home and enjoy on the front porch. Then we peeked in on the Pythian Castle as part of our Route 66 Scavenger Hunt.

Can you find Becky at the Pythian Castle?
After the castle BP and I explored around downtown before meeting up with Dan at Springfield Brewing Company on the patio for a delicious lunch and a shared beer flight.

Sun Shone Everyday Becky was in Springfield!
We completed our Route 66 Scavenger Hunt and went to the Route 66 Visitor Center where we showed them our completed Scavenger Hunt brochure and redeemed our prize. The lady working was kind enough to give us each our own gift!

On Saturday (Dan and my 6th Anniversary) we enjoyed a bicycle ride to the Botanical Gardens then came home to an unwelcome surprise. Annie, not wanting to miss out on any of the excitement, ate an entire (3 oz) chocolate bar from Askinosie that Dan had lovingly purchased for me (not her!) as an Anniversary gift. Uggh. After some internet research and a call to the emergency vet in town Dan fed her some hydrogen peroxide to induce her to get the chocolate out of her system - it did the trick!

Becky, Mary & Dan in the Botanical Gardens

On Easter Sunday we met up with friends at Phelps Grove Park where we dined on deviled eggs, sandwiches, sausage dip and hand-crafted chocolate Easter Cake Pops! It wasn't easy for me to hold off on eating chocolate for 40 days and 40 nights but the satisfaction of chocolate after holding out so long was truly glorious :-).

Becky and Mary in their Easter Best

Heather's Amazing Easter Cake Pops

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring in Springfield

So far it has been a gorgeous spring here in the Queen City of the Ozarks. Our cherry blossom tree has already peaked and now has lost most of its blossoms.

Weeping Cherry Blossom at the Japanese Stroll Garden in Early April

Cherry Blossom at Our Humble Home

A Livesay Selfie in front of our Cherry Blossom
 In addition to the cherry blossom blooming brilliantly we were also pleased that our grape hyacinth, tulips and daffodils came up beautifully.

Purple Grape Hyacinth on Left, tulips in Center, Daffys on the Right
Alas the most beautiful of the flowering trees, the lovely tulip tree, has also lost all its petals. I captured the below shot on a walk with Annie.

Tulip Petals litter the Sidewalk like Confetti on Times Square after NYE

Happy Spring dear readers! How is your garden growing?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Stirs Me

I love people for who they are and what they aren't
For what they dream and what they fear
People fascinate and amaze me

I love the way small children cling to their parents
I love the way two lovers gaze at each other over a meal
I love the way friends laugh and tease each other

What stirs me most in life is you
The person I haven't met
The friend I have yet to meet, friends I am only now beginning to know, friends I've had forever

What stirs me?
The answer is you

Monday, April 7, 2014


Last weekend we lost Aunt Joan McGuinness. She was a wonderful, thoughtful, and generous woman who was always the life of the party. Joan was a fabulous cook who loved entertaining. I remember spending Fourth of July in '98 in San Diego with Neil & Joan and their family what a great time we had - she taught me many card games and was always quick with a joke. 

Mom, Uncle Alan, Aunt Wini, Aunt Joan & Uncle Neil at Shaun & Susan's wedding (2001)
Sadly, this past weekend, my cousin Colleen (McGuinness) Mira passed away from a heart attack. Colleen was much like her mother, Joan, in that I can't recall ever seeing her without a smile on her face. Just like Joan, Colleen was a wonderful mother and much loved by her kids. I remember being out in Westminster for a visit and Colleen was hosting a party at their house. At the party, surrounded by friends and family, she was just like Joan (and Neil!) . . . truly the life of the party.

They will both be missed. Thinking of the McGuinnesses with love during this most difficult time.

Please feel to share a memory of your own in the comments section.