Old Faithful going off faithfully as it has since old times.
Geyser rivulets

Hot Spring pools surrounding Old Faithful

Mary learned the hard way that these hot springs were off limits.  Yeouch!

An unwatched geyser will still go off.  Fortunately we caught Old Faithful going off a second time.

Lower Falls.  The photos practically take themselves, which is actually really bad for the camera's battery.

Large spring run-off.

Mary "falls" in love with the liquid tumbling down behind her.

Dan with a bad case of "Bison Fatigue" - a condition still under consideration for the DSM-VI


  1. bison fatigue - ha ha!
    I love the pictures - what nice weather BUT don't like hearing about naughty Mary testing the waters in the hot springs - what a rascal!
    My fave is still the one of the baby buffs getting ready to hop the fence and make the mommas chase them!


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