Fourth of July in Williamsburg

Dan's favorite tree in Williamsburg.  Like him, it's very tall.  It's also gnarly.

The former Home Economics Cottage for African-American students during segregation in Williamsburg, and Dan's temporary home in July.

Mary's favorite tree in Williamsburg.  Like her, it's pretty funky.

A couple of animals "horsing" around.  They wished us a "mare"-ey Fourth of July.

These words actually came out of Mary's mouth after capturing this scene: "I've always wanted to take a photo of colonial hats swaying in the breeze."  She claimed to be completely serious about that.  I'll let you be the judge.

Dan poses for a metaphorical composition on American Independence: walls dividing subjects, gateways open to new possibilities, freedoms to sport some kickin' flip-flops.


  1. Love those colonial hats swaying in the breeze!!


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