Happy Fall, Y'all

We've been enjoying a beautiful fall here in the Ozarks and have been busy with some autumnal adventures, such as apple picking, pumpkin carving and leaf-admiring :-).

Dan's Long Reach ensured we got the best Apples

Mary picks a beautiful apple for our pie

Dan loves carving pumpkins

Mary's scary Dracula Pumpkin

Pumpkin Sugar cookies for the Theatre students

Dan and Annie in the fall glory

Mary and Annie enjoying the foliage


  1. Love your pumpkin carving - scary! Your trees are so beautiful.
    Ours are now pretty much done with these cold temps and big winds. BRRR!
    The cookies are so yummy-looking, lucky students :)
    love, mom

  2. The trees are almost as nice as A2s and Michigan has the best apples but we do not have any of those lovely Pumpkin cookies.


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