Sunday, December 20, 2015

Claremont Home Tour

New Phaleonopsis Orchid from my coworkers

Dining table - expecting visitors for dinner . . .

Christmas tree in the front window

Egg Nog Cups

Annie enjoying the guest bedroom 
Guest room

Stockings are hung by the TV with care . . .

Living Room

The Den, aka "Annie's Room"


The Bar

Clementine Tree


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Celebrating a Life Well Lived

Dad and Mom, September 2015

Jenn & Mary getting out some aggression

Dan, lil Annie and Mary before the Service

Mary and Becky

Audrey and Aunt Wini pratice Gloria, in excelsius deio while at the Nail Salon

Erin, Daddoo and Mary

Thanksgiving in Colorado

"Roar" says the dinosaur ("Ow" says Lindsay after being bonnked in the head by cousin Noah)

Ade & Mary watch the Michigan - OSU game together in Longmont

Dan and Mom in front of the Christmas tree

Angie, Lindsay, Shane and Dan after playing Moose in the House

Hiking Mt. Baldy

Mary at the Mt. Baldy Lodge at the top of the Chairlift (no skiing yet out here)

Sun beginning to set over the mountains, valley and ocean in the distance . . . ah . . . California dreamin'

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos on Olvera Street

Last month we carved pumpkins the night before Halloween. We decided to do traditional jack 'o' lanterns this year.
Dan hollowing out his pumpkins
 Dan bought candy for the trick 'r' treaters and we lit our pumpkins and turned on the porch lights, but sadly we didn't get a single ghost or goblin ringing our bell. Dan's students benefited from our leftover candy stash!

Mary and our pumpkins
 On the day after Halloween we took the Metrolink to the Union Station in downtown LA where we walked over to Olvera Street - the oldest street in Los Angeles and an area of Mexican restaurants and Mexican street vendors.

A person dressed up for Dia de Los Muertos
 We had a great time listening to the Mexican music, watching the dancers, and walking around the area where we encountered lots of people in traditional Dia de Los Muertos attire, face paint, and even dogs dressed up!

A Dia de Los Muertos Vigil 
There were lots of vigils set up in the traditional fashion paying respects to the dead by displaying foods the deceased loved, photos of their loved ones, and candles illuminating the vigils.

Even the animals were celebrating!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Getaway to Palm Springs

Last month during Dan's fall break weekend we booked a weekend getaway in Palm Springs. We found a deal on Groupon for a hotel and off we went! In addition to exploring the Palm Springs downtown, our hotel pool and the impressive Palm Springs Art Museum we did a lot of hiking.

Palm Oasis in Indian Canyons
 We went to the Indian Canyons where we did some desert hiking through the Palm Oasis - basically just a giant palm tree forest.

Before we headed back to Claremont we took the Palm Springs aerial tramway up 8,500 feet to the top of Mt San Jacinto where we did a nice long hike in the wilderness before grabbing a hot cocoa to warm up!
 Palm Springs Aerial Tram
Mary and Dan hiking in the San Jacinto Wilderness

Saturday, October 24, 2015

McGuinnesses in Claremont

Earlier this month my parents came to California from Ann Arbor to visit our new digs. Their trip happened to coincide with Dan McGs's epic road trip so we were able to celebrate Mom's birthday and Dan's birthday.  

We enjoyed a tour of the campuses, a jazz concert on campus, walks through the farmers market a drive up to Mt. Baldy, and a trip to the botanical gardens.

What a fun visit!

The Gang in Claremont
Dan, Mom and Dan at the Botanical Gardens

Mom and a thatched Hut

Dad, Mom, Mary and Dan at the Mt. Baldy Lodge

Dan, Smoky the Bear, Mary, and Mom

Monday, October 19, 2015

Labor Day in Ann Arbor

I had a wonderful trip to Michigan over Labor Day before starting up my new job here in Claremont. I stayed for a week and a half and had lots of fun with my parents and friends while Annie and Dan enjoyed the California sunshine. Matt, Diana, and I drove out to Detroit to have a delicious dinner at Alex and Liz's house inspired by their CSA - just look at those tomatoes!
Matt and Diana with Caprese Salad
After dinner we enjoyed yummy treats and played several rounds of Jenga and Settlers of Katan.
Mary, Liz, and Diana after a fun night of dinner and games
I also was lucky enough to meet up with the fabulous Jenn at one of Ann Arbor's hip new bars . . .
Jenn and Mary out on the town
One of the highlights of my visit was, of course, going to the Michigan-Oregon State football game with Becky. We went to a fun tailgate party before hand then enjoyed the game on a breezy fall day.
Tailgating at PiHi for the first home game of the season
The Michigan Marching Band
The biggest highlight, though, was visiting Mom and Dad. We ate lots of delicious meals together and went on trips to the farmer's market and out to breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and a lovely dinner with our neighbor Doris.
Mom and Dad are all smiles after a big ND victory
Becky and her friends took me on an exciting adventure of kayaking the Huron River and I was able to experience the Argo Cascades. I was very relieved that I didn't tip - I did see two boats that did though!
Kayaking the Argo Cascades in the Huron River
James and his girlfriend were passing through town after visiting her family in the metro Detroit area so I had a good time going out with them for drinks and then out to breakfast the next day with my parents and them.
James and I - a cousin reunion in Ann Arbor
What a fantastic trip!